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Viral video! Salman Khan surprises his bodyguard Shera by doing the unexpected at the airport

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Envision you see Salman Khan getting out of his cars and truck then unexpectedly he goes back to make method for his bodyguard? Well, this is precisely what occurred at the Mumbai airport last night. The super star in addition to his entourage were all charged up to remove to the United States for their much waited for Da-Bngg Trip Reloaded however not prior to putting Shera in the area in front of the paparazzi. It so occurred that the minute Salman left his cars and truck, Shera advance to clear the method however much to his surprise, Salman returned and asked him to go on initially. Shera kept stating “ Pehle Aap ” however Salman remaining in his own jolly self was determined on making him stroll initially. It was just after Shera couldn ’ t control his feelings is when Salman chose to stop goofing around.

Trust us when we state this video of Salman Khan pulling his bodyguard ’ s leg is the prettiest thing you will enjoy on the web today. Maybe, he got advised of Lovely Singh from Bodyguard. Inspect it out for yourselves listed below:

This video just shows the lovely bond that Salman show Shera, his bodyguard. State for that matter, even the movie Bodyguard was absolutely nothing however a little present to Shera. “ Who else has ever done such a thing for his bodyguard in the market?” asked Shera in among his earlier interviews including, “ Apne kaam se kaam rakho. I resemble a horse decked up at a wedding event to bring the groom. I am just worried about my Maalik (Salman) and any place he goes, I exist. I am his Sheep. Till date, whatever Maalik has actually asked, I have actually done. That is why I belong of Maalik’s household. ”-LRB- **).

Undoubtedly, the relationship that Salman show Shera is irreplaceable and they plainly can ’ t do without each other.

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