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This Couple’s Video Of Getting Intimate In Public Got Uploaded On Adult Sites

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Mumbai – the city of dreams is known for its open-minded attitude toward youths. While in most of the other cities, you may come under the radar of moral policing and get thrashed by fringe groups and even by police, it is not the case in Mumbai.


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Since one can spent time without any worry with their significant other in public, couples are therefore known to get comfortable in public. Many of them can be seen cuddling and making out in public places like Band Stand, Shivaji Park, Worli Sea Face and Shivaji Park.


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For those who don’t have a private place to spend time with their significant others, these places are a paradise. But we should not forget that anti-social elements are present everywhere and they are always looking for preys. One such couple became a prey to such mischief makers who recorded the video of their private moments and uploaded the same on porn sites.


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A written complaint was made to the Powai Police regarding the video by Virendra Dhiwar, an activist from the organisation Youth Power. The Video was not only uploaded to popular porn sites, but it was circulated on social media as well. He said:


“An unknown person or a group is actively involved in the shameful act of making such videos and circulating it on social media and porn websites. Such acts will not only dishonour families, but also affect society at large.”


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Virendra also said that this is not the first time when such incident happened. He also demanded that authorities install CCTV cameras at the spot, and post police personnel or security guards to keep an eye on the mischief makers.



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