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The Story Of This 21-year-old Pickpocket Who Wants To Quit Crime Will Leave You Jolted

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A person being forced into the world of crime and living the life of a criminal unwillingly is something we have seen often in Bollywood movies. Unfortunately, Vicky’s reality is quite similar to those Hindi films. 21-year-old, Vicky, lives a life of a pickpocket against his will and has often approached police officers to help him get out of this sludge.



The youth who has recently caught by the New Friends Colony police for pickpocketing feels homely behind the bars. He feels afraid while roaming around free because he knows that it’s difficult to escape from the world of evils and crime. He has made several attempts to escape but got caught and beaten up by the kingpins.

Sadly, no one has helped him yet to get out of the world where he does not belong. While talking to CNN-News18, Vicky told,

“My life was different eight months ago. I used to go to school and live a life like any other Delhi student. One day I was going with my friend, who was already a pickpocket, when the kingpin spotted us. He beat us up and asked us to give Rs 1,000 to Rs 30,000 a month”

Active in the South Delhi areas, Pawan aka Diggi and Amit are the kingpins who are listed as ‘bad characters’ in police stations and have charges of murder, crime and theft against them.

Vicky told that even if they get caught by the police they get bail easily. Recalling his first encounter with the Kingpins, Vicky said,

“Once when I was caught by the NFC police, the SHO sahib beat me up. Then we made calls to Pawan. Since he has an understanding with some police officers, he paid Rs 10,000 and we were out. When I told Pawan that I don’t have money to give him, he beat me and asked me to start pick-pocketing. I was given bus number 473, where I learnt the tricks of the trade from fellow criminals.”



Confessing his crimes, Vicky has told the police that he has picked pockets of 70-80 people on the DTC buses. He even talked about the tricks they use to pickpocket. As per the report,

While two of the gang members would be inside the bus or in the queue to find their targets, the other two would be outside. Once they pickpocket, they pass-on the stolen wallet or mobile to other accomplices to avoid being caught.

It is difficult to escape as per Vicky, recalling one instance when he tried to escape, he said,

There has also been an instance when I have tried to escape, but Pawan got to know about my whereabouts. He came with his people and beat me up. They made a video and started blackmailing me. Gandi gandi video banate hain, dhamki dete hain, kehte hain jeb kaato (they make obscene videos, threaten and force us to pickpocket).



The youth even tried to live a normal life by disappearing into the crowd, he started working at a shop but they found him.

“I started working at a shop in south Delhi but Pawan got to know and came to the shop. He took me to a railway track, beat me for six hours, urinated on me and made an obscene video.”

He says that he is not alone who wants to get out of this dark world. There are more youths like him, but the kingpins beat them, blackmail them and make obscene videos of them.

Upon approaching the Badarpur police station, the officers started asking him about the whereabouts of the kingpins. To this he says,

“Had I known their whereabouts, I would have caught them myself,”

The youth who feels helpless has finally got help from the channel who has approached senior district officials. They said that they weren’t aware of Vicky’s plight and have assured that they will take actions with regards to his information.

It may sound like a movie plot but it is Vicky’s reality. Hope he gets a way out of the world where he does not belong. Do share your views about Vicky’s account in the comments section below.

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