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The Prize Money That Mithali Raj Got After Winning The Women Of The Match Award Will Shock You

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Cricket is the most significant faith in India, and our cricketing heroes are considered no less than Gods. While we have actually been binge-watching cricket for over 3 years, we were rather uninformed that ladies cricket exists, too. It is just in the last couple of years that it has actually gotten the spotlight that was long due. All thanks to the increase of Mithali Raj, and her gifted group.


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However still, it appears that ladies gamers need to go a long long method prior to they get the acknowledgment they genuinely are worthy of. Just Recently, Mithali Raj was granted the Female of the Match award after India ’ s initially win at the Asia Cup versus Malaysia. Though she scored a crucial knock of 97 runs, the cash prize she got was a simple $250, which is comparable to Rs 16, 750 approx.

It is obviously too less for the effort that our ladies gamers display in the field.

A thorough 142- run win for India versus Malaysia in their very first video game of the #AsiaCup @mithaliraj scored a 97 *(69) to bag the gamer of the match award &#x 1f4aa; &#x 1f60 e; &#x 1f44 c;-LRB- ***)

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Needless to state, in contrast, guys are paid an enormous quantity. This oppression was observed by the netizens, therefore, they stood and assaulted the cricket authorities. Due to the fact that we look after cricket regardless of the gender.

This is a reality.


We want this was a joke, however it ’ s a truth.

That ’ s rather a self-questioning.

Have some embarassment, sponsors.

A best summary.


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