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Man Confronts Haryana Police For ‘Harassing’ A Young Couple Like A Boss!

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It is quite common to see policemen extorting bribes from innocent unsuspecting couples in parks and other places by frightening them. The matter of the fact is that most couples do not know about the laws properly, and get scared easily by the police, hence making for an easy target.

Few days back, a video of Haryana police officials, who were questioning a young couple at Rohtak’s Tilyar Lake, has gone viral on social media. The video shows the police taking information of the couple where they note down their phone number to inform their respective parents.

A policeman seen in the video Facebook

Seeing this, Parveen Malik, an advocate in Delhi high court, intervened in the matter and asked them why they were “harassing” the couple by questioning them for no reason.

Malik asked:

“Is he a thief? Why are you noting down his mobile number for no reason? Is it because he has come here with a girl? Article 21 of Indian Constitution says no person shall be deprived of his right to liberty.”

Watch the video:

To this, a cop replied that they have directions from higher officers to perform the task. Then Malik asks for a written copy of the order that directs cops to question the couple. However, the policeman failed to produce it.

Malik talking to the policeman Facebook

During the process, a policewoman of sub-inspector rank, comes up and tells the couple of informing their mother about this. Malik objected this and told the cops that the two were adults and can go out on their own.

The lady Sub Inspector Facebook

He pointed out:

“I don’t know this couple. But I am surprised to see how the police of this country can harass a man and a woman going out. The police were trying to make couples understand what is wrong and what is right, but they should know that moral policing is not their duty.”

The boy has claimed to be aged 25 while a girl is 21, which means they are an adult and have a right to live their life on their own terms. Malik has said that he would file a public interest litigation to ensure that couples did not face police harassment in public places.

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