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Kid Gets Bullied Because Of His ‘Girly’ Lunchbox, So His Uncle Responds In The Most Epic Way

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A few months earlier, David Pendragon required to Facebook to inform individuals how some kids at school were bullying his nephew, even if of his lunchbox. “My cousin, Emily, has a 10- year-old kid called Ryker. Ryker, who likes felines, was really delighted to obtain his brand-new lunchbox. Regrettably due to the fact that of its colors, or due to the fact that it has felines, or both he was teased about it by other kids in his class. He even wished to stop taking his lunch so he would not be teased about it any longer,” Pendragon composed on his Facebook wall.

So, the kind uncle chose to show a point, purchasing the exact same lunchbox and bringing it to work. And it sure worked! When Pendragon shared the image of him and the lunchbox at work, the Web went nuts, with 148 k likes and over 60 k shares on Facebook, individuals discovered a method to motivate Ryker and other young kids to be themselves. Complete strangers began purchasing the exact same or comparable lunchboxes and publishing photos with them to Pendragon’s Facebook, and the very best part is that the lunchboxes handled to get sold-out two times after the post went viral.

Scroll to see exactly what Pendragon needs to state about bullies, and inform us exactly what you believe it in the remarks!

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Meet Ryker, a 10- year-old kid who was just recently bullied in school due to the fact that of his vibrant lunchbox


Image source: Emily Fowler

So, his uncle David Pendragon thought about a genius method to safeguard him


Image source: David Pendragon

He chose to purchase the specific very same lunchbox and bring it to work, showing that kids can like whatever they desire


Image source: David Pendragon

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Individuals liked Pendragon ’ s post a lot they chose to purchase the exact same or comparable lunchboxes and bring them to work, presently, they ’ ve been offered out two times


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space-cat-lunchbox-work-ryker-david-pendragon 19space-cat-lunchbox-work-ryker-david-pendragon 20

Others likewise motivated Ryker to overlook bullies and applauded his older cousin for being so helpful

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space-cat-lunchbox-work-ryker-david-pendragon 15

space-cat-lunchbox-work-ryker-david-pendragon 21

space-cat-lunchbox-work-ryker-david-pendragon 22

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