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A Terribly Drawn Sketch Helped The Police In US To Catch The Criminal. Find Out How

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The Lancaster Bureau of Police, Pennsylvania, was able to nab a thief with the help of a poorly drawn sketch. The police called the sketch “amateurish and cartoonish,” in a Facebook post. However, the sketch, along with a physical description of the thief, reminded one officer of an encounter with the culprit. Police then showed his photo along with other possible suspects to the witness.

The witness identified the thief, Hung Phuoc Nguyen, and police issued a warrant for his arrest.

The sketch was poorly drawn. It looked like an inverted triangle with hair, or a strawberry with a tiny cap on its top, But still, the police said that the sketch was a very serious effort to find the culprit. Take a look at the sketch:




Although in the modern age of technology, police department mostly opts for software that can create accurate sketches, they sometimes use the old-school method of hiring sketch artists.

Wayne Promisel, a detective with the Loudoun County Sheriff once said:

“Technology and machinery is cold. It is also missing the ability to ask the questions in a certain way in an interview while having a sense of compassion.”


David Revoy

This isn’t the first time when an artist made a sketch that is not even remotely similar to the person whose sketch they made. Check out these sketches that look like they are made by a 5-year-old.


The Things

The Things


The Things


Well as long as they solve their purpose and help police to catch criminals, we don’t care how badly these sketches are drawn. Do you have to say anything about these Michelangelos and Picassos? Tell us in comments.


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