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11 Locations In Mumbai Where The Dead Roam At Night

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Mumbai is endearingly called ‘ The City That Never Ever Sleeps ”. The factor behind it is that at any provided hour, the city does not stop to be active. That is undoubtedly real since be it 12 remain in the night or 12 pm in the afternoon, one is most likely to discover it loving activities.

Nevertheless, let ’ s take a look at a couple of stories which may make us reconsider regarding why the city is called so. Could it likewise be since there is more than simply human activities taking place in this financial center? Here are a couple of areas where the dead are stated to stroll in the evening and the tales surrounding them will definitely provide you the creeps:


1. D ’ Souza Chawl

Following the death of a lady, who unintentionally fell inside a well within the chawl properties, a variety of eyewitnesses account of her spirit wandering around. Regardless of whether this holds true or not, individuals choose to keep away from this chawl after sundown.


2. Sanjay Gandhi National Forest

A sanctuary for nature-lovers, traveler hunters and professional photographers, this park is a significant tourist attraction throughout the daytime. Come nightfall though, even the guards keep away from the severe interiors of the park. They share frightening encounters of having actually satisfied a woman ghost who aims to stop individuals from driving around the park when deciding not to stop, she is stated to go after the automobiles around with a warp speed.


3. Pawan Hans Quarters

In 1989, a lady called Salma set herself aflame and passed away below a banyan tree. Individuals who have actually checked out the location after dark claim to have actually stumbled upon a lady covered in flames, who runs shouting down the roadway and vanishes into the stated tree. Not surprising that the area is of Pawan Hans Quarters is off limitations after sundown!


4. Grand Paradi Towers

5 individuals from the very same household leapt off from the 8th flooring of among the structures in these domestic towers. Since then this flooring is stated to tempt individuals to death and the spirits of these 5 are apparently still haunting the location which is now sealed.



5. Tower of Silence

This location is utilized by the Parsi neighborhood as a graveyard to get rid of off the bodies of their dead outdoors balcony, where vultures and scavengers then delight in it. If that in itself isn ’ t scary, reports of individuals feeling an “ spooky existence ” or some paranormal activity when going by from the area include this location to the most haunted locations in Mumbai list.

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6. Mukesh Mills

The Mukesh Mills, situated in Colaba location of Mumbai, failed following a fire breakout in1982 The big structure handled a scary appearance and a spooky air after the mass fire. Tales of individuals hearing whispered sounds and screams have actually been surrounding it since and it has actually given that been identified as one of the city ’ s most haunted locations.


7. Santa Cruz West

A lady obviously devoted suicide, following a tiff with her partner, in among the domestic structures in this location. Locals of the structure claim to hear growls of a pet after sundown, and think it to be the outcome of the girl ’ s spirit wandering the passages of that flooring. The locals are stated to be so afraid of stated ghost that they have actually called it, “ 2nd flooring ki bhabiji ”-LRB- **)


8. Ram Sakit Structure

Found behind Paradise Movie Theater in Mahim, Ram Sakit has among the scariest tales. A lady in her 50 s slipped and was up to death in the well inside this structure. Her spirit is stated to come from the well on every amavas (brand-new moon night). Though the activities of the spirit have actually not yet been connected with any hazardous activities, individuals choose to remain mindful from the location on stated nights.


9. Marve and Madh Island Roadway

A bride-to-be was completely killed on her wedding event night, on the stretch in between Marve and Madh Island a couple of years earlier. It is stated that her spirit haunts and follows lorry riders on this roadway after sundown. Although declared to be the most picturesque stretch to drive on, individuals prevent taking it since of these haunted stories.


10 Nasserwanj Wadi

The owner of this wadi, Mr. Nasserwanj was scorched alive in his own cabin. His spirit is rumoured to stroll around the wadi post-sunset even today. These rumours got spookier when 7 individuals passed away within the residential or commercial property following the death of Mr. Nasserwanj.



11 St. John ’ s Baptist Church

This 500- year-old church (integrated in 1579) went through exorcism in 1977 following tales of the spirit of a young bride-to-be troubling individuals in the area. Recorded reports of the exorcism state that individuals present there had actually heard screams, laughter and wailing when the priest was executing the exorcism and the procedure ended with the noise of a loud splash in the pond of the church, which eliminated all the fish. That ’ s some story to make individuals careful of going to the location even today!



Going to these locations may make the ‘ City of Dreams ’ the ‘ City of Nightmares ’ for the faint-hearted!

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