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10 Things That Foreigners Find Weird About India But Are Common For Us

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Each nation has its own lifestyle and there are particular customs which they follow without offering it an idea. While these things are accepted and daily regimen for them, it may come as a shock to somebody brand-new or somebody who is going to the location for the very first time.

As India is a culturally abundant nation, such things are discovered here aplenty. Owing to that it is likewise a large nation, there is something like this on every nook and corner. Here is a list of top 11 things which (according to the immigrants themselves) are rather honestly, odd:


1. Ear Cleaner

The sight of one male tidying up another male ’ s ear (as a way of income) might not be so uncommon for us, however for somebody who sees it for the very first time (more than likely somebody going to India for the very first time), it be might be stunning and odd to some level.


2. Roadside Dental Professional

Who states you require an excellent degree from an excellent college or university to end up being a certified dental professional? This one appears to be doing fine without one which too in spite of the absence of an oral center.


3. Parking

We Indians park anywhere we want, and the ‘ No parking ’ signs is travestied at practically every turn. This is an accepted lifestyle for us, however for non-Indians & & travelers, this is rather odd.


4. Travelling

While taking a trip in a congested bus or train without area to move (and even breathe often) is an accepted method of day-to-day commute for the homeowners of India. However somebody who witnesses this for the very first time would absolutely be shell-shocked.



5. Aghoris

‘ Men-eating ’ Aaghoris are frightening and odd (though remarkable for the majority of too) to numerous immigrants.


6. Business Names

Though the majority of Indian business (a minimum of given that previous couple of years) are called keeping worldwide audience in mind names like Bewakoof, Pagalguy, and so on would sound amusing in addition to odd to individuals outside India.


7. Appreciating the Dead

We take our dead seriously, often a bit excessive!


8. Conservation of Monoliths

Rather of safeguarding and protecting our monoliths, we pay them ‘ our ’ sort of regard by engraving them with our names and often going a level up by thinking about the monoliths as our spittoons.


9. Spiritual Processions

Rallies and processions for some divine being, a celebration, somebody ’ s initiation event (Diksha) or for a spiritual master, is a daily event in our country. However somebody who checks out India for the very first time might not discover it so ‘ typical ’.


10 Knotted Wires

The cable televisions and electrical power wires in India are hardly ever seen in an arranged and untangled method. For newbies, this may come as a stunning view.


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